SIBSGIVING (Sibling Thanksgiving)

Instead of a traditional Thanksgiving – We’re not a big fan of mashed potatoes and turkey- my sister Meghan and I decided to try a non-traditional thanksgiving. We chose to have a destination Thanksgiving in Moab Utah. Our plan was to explore the canyons Moab had to offer.


With both of us on a budget (Christmas was close) we decided to make a food and adventure plan spanning the entire trip. We first brainstormed a list of foods we liked, adventures we wanted to do and refined everything to fit into our ten-day adventure window in MOAB UTAH!!!


Being the canyons we explored had claimed many injuries and even deaths, Meghan and I thought it was a good idea to grab a technical guide. A few years ago I stumbled up on a website with awesome guidance for navigating and planning canyoneering trips called Climb-utah. We used this resource to guide us through the technical canyons using GPS waypoints.

Repeat JR. Canyon

150 Feet Down

The first rap we did was a cool 150′ into Repeat JR. Canyon. This was a great canyon to start with and establish a rhythm for the rest of the canyons on our trip. This was not an easy rap to let my sister just go down, so I triple checked the ropes, anchors, and equipment. Once at the base we explored all the red-orange walls and floor wash patterns.  Deep in the canyon, the light from above was a photographers dream.

After our first canyon, we hiked up to our starting point, cleaned the ropes and headed to the Jeep for dinner.. Meghan’s Jeep was a pretty tight squeeze to camp, eat, and travel in but I think if it had been any bigger, packing would have slowed us down. This way we were lightweight and ready to go anywhere in Moab. Sticking to our plan, we took a rest day between canyons. This allowed us to recover and prepare for more efficient activity days.

Medieval Canyon


After our first rest day we headed to Medieval Chamber. This canyon has a few big raps meaning you can’t just stop in the middle of the hike and call it quits. You have to commit and push through. I rappelled this canyon a few years back but it was more fun taking my sister and seeing her reaction after every big rap. You could tell she was STOKED!

Part 2.

Currently working to finish  Part II. In part II, we explored Corona Arch, Moab ‘down town’, and Fins & Things.