SIBSGIVING (Sibling Thanksgiving)

Instead of a traditional Thanksgiving – We’re not a big fan of mashed potatoes and turkey- my sister Meghan and I decided to try a non-traditional thanksgiving. We chose to have a destination Thanksgiving in Moab Utah. Our plan was to explore the canyons Moab had to offer. This is Part ii of the trip. For Part i, follow this link.


I like to support local and passionate people. There are a couple companies / websites with information on these trails, but I’ve found to be the most reliable source of information on these trails. Here are the links we used to navigate the technical canyons / hikes.

Medieval Canyon
Repeat Jr on Climb-Utah
Corona Arch Page
Fins & Things Canyon

Corona Arch

We selected this trail / rappel for one of our easy days – to recover from the long and high intensity days. Anyway, the approach to Corona is fun and pretty short compared to other arches. The rap (although unavailable when we were there) starts from the middle of the arch and requires an 80m rope. Great fun!

Fins & Things

This was an unexpected GEM. We explored this canyon with our last day. Little did we know that it would be one of our favorites. With around 4 or 5 big raps, two amazing pictographs, and a swim hole, every canyon turn led us to some surreal surroundings. Our imagination wandered to how the years of erosion carved out these amazing formations in the rock. We imagined ourselves in the middle of a modern day flash flood and how the water would flow between the canyon walls.

Corona Arch

Off  Limits

Due to recent vandalism, Injuries, and a general misunderstanding of the public lands by others, we weren’t able to legally rappel from Corona. Although this was the main reason for visiting Corona Arch, the splendor was worth a trip across the train tracks and into the valley.

Fins & Things

Saving the surprise for last

Fins & Things was a canyon Meghan and I hadn’t truly considered doing until the last day. We thought it wouldn’t be much but; a death march – but it ended up being one of our favorite trails. With Pictographs, two swim pools (which we would later swim in) , and a handful of raps, this was one canyon we hoped to explore again!

After our first canyon, we hiked up to our starting point, cleaned the ropes and headed to the Jeep for dinner.. Meghan’s Jeep was a pretty tight squeeze to camp, eat, and travel in but I think if it had been any bigger, packing would have slowed us down. This way we were lightweight and ready to go anywhere in Moab. Sticking to our plan, we took a rest day between canyons. This allowed us to recover and prepare for more efficient activity days.

Part I

In Pt. I we explore Medieval Canyon and Repeat Jr.

Take me to Part I of Sibsgiving