Our Golden Foothills

An overwhelming amount of my free time is spent riding my mountain bike in the Boise Foothills during the Spring, Summer, & Fall.  After work is usually when I head out to ride, so I’m riding during the sunset a lot of the time. This page will be an ongoing creative photography & editing project to find those golden Boise Foothill moments. 

Sweet Connie

During the early Spring and late Fall, this trail is lush with vegetation. Sometimes it’s so green that you might bump into a cow on this trail. 


For the days I’m searching for some technical riding, I’ll head to Bobs trail.  Not too far from my house, this trail has two rather technical rock sections and a few fun stream crossings – this gives me a nice break from the usual trails.

Thanks for looking.

Again, come back in a month or two for updates on this ongoing project.