Jersey Design: Tri Town Bicycles

The client, Antonio Gonzales with Tri Town Boise, requested a cycling kit that could act as two parts: a souvenir for tourists, and race & training kit for Boise’s local athletes. Antonio wanted to emphasize the local city, Boise, with some local design motif. With that, he had some ideas already prepared and I took to designing them from Photoshop into Illustrator. ¬†Working with Antonio, the owner, I came upon the idea to incorporate the topography of the Boise Foothills set behind the logo of our shop. With the creation of this design I was able convey both style, and a concept of community within our wide selection of athletic apparel.


TriTown is a diverse shop that caters to various different types of athletes. For this design I wanted to not only create a cohesive kit for our male and female triathletes, but ones that fit those who seek to run, swim, and bike individually. I sought to find a design that represented not only who we are at TriTown, but also as an athletic community.¬† I’m proud of the final design that Antonio and I settled on, and am glad to have provided a quality product for the community.

Tri Jersey

Road Jersey

Road Bibs

Skin Suit

Tri Top