S. Utah Canyoneering



I like to support local and passionate people. There are a couple companies / websites with information on these trails, but I’ve found Climb-Utah.com to be the most reliable source of information on these trails. Here are the links we used to navigate the technical canyons / hikes.

Medieval Canyon
Repeat Jr on Climb-Utah
Corona Arch Page
Fins & Things Canyon

Adventure 1

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Adventure 2

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Maple Canyon

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Fins & Things

Saving the surprise for last

Fins & Things was a canyon Meghan and I hadn’t truly considered doing until the last day. We thought it wouldn’t be much but; a death march – but it ended up being one of our favorite trails. With Pictographs, two swim pools (which we would later swim in) , and a handful of raps, this was one canyon we hoped to explore again!

After our first canyon, we hiked up to our starting point, cleaned the ropes and headed to the Jeep for dinner.. Meghan’s Jeep was a pretty tight squeeze to camp, eat, and travel in but I think if it had been any bigger, packing would have slowed us down. This way we were lightweight and ready to go anywhere in Moab. Sticking to our plan, we took a rest day between canyons. This allowed us to recover and prepare for more efficient activity days.

Part I

In Pt. I we explore Medieval Canyon and Repeat Jr.

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