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Tri Town Race Kit
Tri Town Race Kit
Tri Town Race Kit

SIBSGIVING (Sibling Thanksgiving)

Instead of a traditional Thanksgiving – We’re not a big fan of mashed potatoes and turkey- my sister Meghan and I decided to try a non-traditional thanksgiving. We chose to have a destination Thanksgiving in Moab Utah. Our plan was to explore the canyons Moab had to offer.


With both of us on a budget (Christmas was close) we decided to make a food and adventure plan spanning the entire trip. We first brainstormed a list of foods we liked, adventures we wanted to do and refined everything to fit into our ten-day adventure window in MOAB UTAH!!!


Being the canyons we explored had claimed many injuries and even deaths, Meghan and I thought it was a good idea to grab a technical guide. A few years ago I stumbled up on a website with awesome guidance for navigating and planning canyoneering trips called Climb-utah. We used this resource to guide us through the technical canyons using GPS waypoints.

Repeat JR. Canyon

150 Feet Down

The first rap we did was a cool 150′ into Repeat JR. Canyon. This was a great canyon to start with and establish a rhythm for the rest of the canyons on our trip. This was not an easy rap to let my sister just go down, so I triple checked the ropes, anchors, and equipment. Once at the base we explored all the red-orange walls and floor wash patterns.  Deep in the canyon, the light from above was a photographers dream.